A nasty bout of gastro has hit the Loulou and Mo house, so it was the perfect excuse for some binge watching on Netflix and what perfect timing that the new season of Stranger Things had just been released – every cloud has a silver lining!

For those of you who haven’t seen my many excited tweets and social media posts, I absolutely loved Stranger Things season 1 and was unbelievably excited for season 2. So was all the excitement warranted?  ….  OH YES! STRANGER THINGS 2 IS AMAZING!



We return to Hawkins, 1 year after the conclusion of Season 1 to find life has returned to normal, no more demigorgans but no more Elle.  Without giving anything away for those of you who haven’t watched it yet, you can expect another nostalgic trip to the 80s full of retro computer games, power ballads and amazing hair.  Another season of jumps, scares and monsters from the Upside Down.



All your old favourites return for Season 2, Dustin, Nancy, Will, Jonathan, Jim Hopper etc but with some great cast additions.  The hugely talented Sean Astin comes on board as Bob, the cute love interest for Joyce Byers.  A new baddy arrives in the form of Billy (Dacre Montgomery) and he was  brilliant, you just hate him.  And did you know Dacre is a Perth boy?  Got to love a bit of West Australian talent!

Other new casts members include Madmax and Kali but I just wasn’t feeling it with these two.  Max seems to offer little more than a potential love interest and Kali seemed to be an unnecessary side story.

This season you will find yourself learning a bit more about the smaller characters as they get more screen time.  You will see the younger characters all evolving and this season takes on a slightly more adult feel.  Love triangles and broken hearts, play a big part in the second season.



ABSOLUTELY – 5 out 5

The fans seem to be split as to whether they prefer the first or second season but I’m going to be controversial and say I prefer Season 2!!. It has all the amazing qualities of season 1 but with a darker, more adult edge. Either way if you loved the first season, you will love season 2.

Be prepared to end this season, smiling at what was another wonderful season by the Duffer Brothers but sighing that we’ve got ages to wait until Season 3!

If you haven’t watched Stranger Things at all… get season 1 and season 2 added to your watch list now you crazy people!




Of course I couldn’t resist creating some Stranger Things inspired bags…

Slouchy Hobo Bag – Stranger Things – Netflix – Geeky gift – Strange Things handbag

Messenger Bag – Stranger Things Fabric – Cast of Stranger Things


Messenger Bag – Stranger Things Fabric – Stranger Things gift