Friday night date with one of my besties, found me at the cinema along with half of Perth, all desperate to see the long awaited Queen biopic, “Bohemian Rhapsody”.

Isn’t it funny how despite being able to sing along to most of their famous songs (albeit badly!) I know nothing about this iconic band. To be fair they were around before I was born but thats no excuse, so I was keen to find out more about the band.


A foot stomping musical extravaganza, showcasing the story behind Queen’s rise to fame and an insight into Freddie Mercurys life.



If you are like me and can’t help but trying to place the face when you are watching a movie or show, then this cast list will save you a trip to IMDB.

  • Freddie Mercury – Rami Malek – anyone seen Mr Robot?  I recognise him from Night at the Museum lol
  • Brian May – Gwilym Lee
  • Roger Taylor – Ben Hardy  – okay fellow Brits, who else realised that this was Peter Beale from Eastenders!
  • John Deacon – Joseph Mazzello
  • Paul Prenter –Allen Leech  – aah the lovely Tom Branson from Downton Abbey.

There are loads of other famous faces in this movie, can you find Mike Meyers??


 5 out 5 

OMG this movie was absolutely brilliant! The music is phenomenal and the cast were all brilliant.  Rami Malek was phenomenal and his portrayal of Freddy was fantastic although I was a bit disappointed to google and find out that he didn’t do all of the vocals.

I really can’t recommend this movie enough, it’s so good that I will be going again on Monday with Miss Loulou!