Running a successful market stall can be daunting especially if you haven’t been a stall holder before.

I thought I would try to help newbie market stall holders by creating a number of blogs to walk you through a market day. I will start with the setting up of a market stall as this is the foundation to a successful day. This blog should help you with working out what market stall equipment and essentials you will need.


Trying to remember everything you will need for market day can leave you frazzled so here is my list of the Market Stall Essentials – I’m a huge fan of lists.

  • Gazebo (if required for your market)
  • Tables (if required)
  • Table Cloths – most markets require you to have floor length table cloths
  • Chair/s – it can be a long day on your feet
  • Display Stands – Think about how you want to display your products, i.e. hanging, lying flat etc. You may need more than just table tops to display your goods. I use a mixture of table surfaces, display racks and shelving.
    Hanging Display Rack

    Hanging Display Rack

  • Signage – Freestanding or hanging – it always pays to have signage
  • Eftpos Machine/Card Reader – I only attended one market where I didn’t take credit cards and I will never make that mistake again. Don’t miss out on sales when customers don’t have cash – I use and recommend the Paypal Card Reader.
  • Money Box – You need somewhere to keep your money safe and make sure you have plenty of change
  • Business Cards – You may be surprised by how many people will take one and it adds to your air of professionalism.
  • Invoice Book – I always place an invoice in with each purchase. The invoice book makes it easy to keep track of your sales
  • Pens – Cant write in the invoice book or sign up for emails without it.
  • Scissors – Always come in handy
  • Phone – I need this as it works in conjunction with my card reader but it allows me to post on social media after set up.
  • Battery Charger – I use it for my mobile phone and card reader.
  • Email Signup List – you will be surprised by how many people want to stay in touch once they have seen your products.
  • Lunch/Snacks/Drinks – Don’t presume that you will be able to buy something on the day – you might not get chance for a break or the food vendors may not offer anything you like. 

Once you have all these things together, packing your car up will be a breeze. Well that is it will once you have learnt how to play Tetris with everything in your car!


  1. Set up Gazebo (if you are using one) – these can be tricky so I definitely recommend doing a practice before the market
  2. Set up tables
  3. Put table cloths on tables
  4. Display your stock
  5. Check your prices are displayed
  6. Take photos – great for posting on social media to entice people to come and see you.
  7. Grab a coffee – if you have time, grab something to drink – its early and its taken a lot of energy to set up the stall. Always keep hydrated (yes I know coffee dehydrates lol)
  8. Go to the bathroom – go while you can, you never know when you will get chance when the market opens
  9. Have a last check to make sure your stall looks great and then relax until the market opens.




Here is the proof that market stalls are a learning curve.  From my first market to present, I change things all the time – constantly trying to create the perfect look!


Feel free to ask me questions or share your first market experiences  and last of all GOOD LUCK!!!