Markets are extremely important to small craft businesses, artisans and designers.  I dont think it’s often though that you get to do something amazing for your business and the local community at the same time, but yesterdays annual Perth Zombie Walk provided both of these opportunities.

Set in the gorgeous Russell Square, the purpose of yesterdays event was to raise awareness and funds for The Brain Foundation,  which is a  nationally registered charity dedicated to funding world-class research Australia-wide into neurological disorders, brain disease and brain injuries.

Our day started with a quick drive into the city for Loulou and me, both of us saying how we couldn’t believe how quickly we can get into the city from our beach suburb.  After a slightly stressful set up, its been a while since I’ve used our outside gazebo and couldn’t remember how to set it up!, it was time for Miss Loulou to go to and have her “just turned’ Zombie makeup applied by Australian College of Beauty Therapy.


It was a gorgeous hot and sunny day but that did nothing to drain any energy from all of the people taking part in the days festivities.  What a crowd – friendly, energetic, amazing costumes and the most unbelievably realistic makeup. Our morning flew by in a mix of  taking photos, meeting lots of new people and getting to chill out in the sunshine while the sounds of Sweet Surrender floated across the park – the whole day had a feel of a low key music festival.

At 1pm an eerie siren signaled the start of the official Zombie Walk and you cannot believe the electricity that was in the air while watching 100s of zombies walking through Perth City to the sound of Michael Jackson’s Thriller, I can only imagine the faces of Perth’s unsuspecting residents! Our day ended at 4pm but the Zombies were still singing away as part of “So You Think You Can Zombie?” before they headed into Northbridge for a showing of the Corpse Bride.

After a long market day, there was no better way to chill out and celebrate than with a lovely fish and chip supper on the way home. On our drive home though I couldn’t help but be very reflective about the whole experience and despite being lucky enough to have lots of lovely customers, it made me realise that:

Markets Are More Than Just Sales.

  • Being involved in a worthwhile cause and being surrounded by supporters is priceless
  • Fun and enthusiasm is infectious
  • Do things just because its fun, Perth Zombie Walk – we will be there next year for sure but this time in full costume!

Markets Offer So Many Opportunities

  • Meeting new customers – a no brainer (ha ha, zombie – no brain …)
  • Photography opportunities – use the different surroundings to gain a whole new library of media images, even involve your costumers if they are willing!
  • Meet like minded businesses – say hello to your fellow stall holders, its amazing to hear everyone’s back stories and you can make some invaluable links
  • Taste some of the local food that is on offer – well it would be rude not to!
  • Take part in the activities that are offered – Miss Loulou loved the makeup application and zombie horse carriage rides
  • Spend the day with your friends or family – this time it was Miss Loulou who came and we really did enjoy spending the day together
  • Get a chance to relax in the sun – if you get some quiet moments, sit down and just relax – soak in the atmosphere and realise how lucky you are to be there.