Logan… 5/5…. A treat for all Wolverine and X Men fans!


Logan, the newest release from Marvel is surprisingly an emotional roller coaster! If you are anything like me, you will laugh, cry and sigh at this amazing movie so don’t forget to take the tissues.


After 17 years of playing Wolverine and a brief read of the plot synopsis, I knew that this was probably going to be to the end of the Wolverine franchise as we know it.  None of us are getting any younger, but I still wasn’t prepared for the aging of my old friends Charles Xavier and Logan, it really pulled at my heart strings.

My first intro to Xmen was probably about 5 years ago when my eldest daughter, aka Loulou started getting into them.  We spent many a night snuggled on the sofa watching all the old movies so it was only fitting that we went together to witness this iconic movie. 

**Please note, that if you are planning on taking your kids, this movie is seriously violent and gory so you can expect lots of jumping and hiding their eyes.  



So the cast……



Logan, the most delightful Hugh Jackman , while obviously playing a much older version of his character, still rocked as the iconic Wolverine.  It was hard to see the slightly slower and less robust version of his previous self but hey he was supposed to be like this.  Its been years since I watched my first X men movie and saw Logan for the first time but there is just something about Wolverine that made me love his rugged character and he will always be one of my favourite Marvel characters.   You, Mr Jackman  are a legend!

Laura – As I am sure you have all seen, there is a young mutant in this movie (okay I won’t give any more details) but I have to say Dafne Keen’s performance was phenomenal.  Playing a mostly mute character in the movie, I would imagine would be a massive challenge for many young actresses, but the lack of speech just heightened her performance… man those huge eyes!

Calibanthe human truffle hunter was played by the delightfully quirky Stephen Merchant – he is just so good in his role as the slightly downtrodden Albino Mutant sensor.

The baddies in the form of Richard E Grant and Boyd Holbrook were vile, what more can you want in a baddy!

Charles Xavier – Then maybe I am saving the best for last but how can I not mention the amazing Patrick Stewart. I loved seeing his return as Charles Xavier (although James Macalvoy I love you too!) but  I was slightly heartbroken to see how old and decrepit his character had become.  He had me shedding a few tears throughout the film.


I’m not a huge comic book fan so I never know the main plots  or history behind many Marvel and DC movies but I don’t think you need to be a comic book fan to enjoy this movie.  If you love blood, gore, jumping in your seat, slightly Terminator looking baddies and shedding a tear at some highly emotional scenes – then you are not going to be disappointed. 

Oh and one wee spoiler…… don’t wait for the end of the credits –  there is nothing there!



How could I resist creating some new bags to celebrate this movie?  With no X Men fabrics available, it was time to call on the amazing Nixels who designed this Logan print.