If you loved the original – prepare to be disappointed

When I was younger (I won’t say how many years …..), I was the biggest Stephen King fan and absolutely loved the 1990 movie IT.  I still feel scared when I think about watching it that first time so I was desperate to head to the cinema for the 2017 remake.

This morning, armed with a coffee and a sense of dread (I dont really remember much of the first movie but I remember being petrified!) it was time to watch the new IT movie.

The Movie

 A supernatural horror story about a clown called Pennywise who terrorises a small town in Maine.  Can’t really say much more without spoilers.  Horror, clown, children – you get the picture.

This movie has an amazing nostalgic feel to it, the directors seem to have created a great blend of the Goonies and Stranger Things but there is where my love of this movie ends.

I was expecting to be jumping out of my seat with terror but I would say that this movie is more gruesome than terrifying.  Am I the only one who seemed to notice the imitation of other amazing horror stories such as Carrie, The Excorcist and Nightmare On Elm Street?  This movie was a pale comparison to those classics.

Want to know a bit more about the movie?

The Cast

Despite the relatively young cast, lack of age did not mean lack of talent.  A big shout out to Finn Wolfhard who was by far my favourite character in the movie.  It does help that I’m a huge Stranger Things fan, which he also stars in.

Bill Skarsgard starring as Pennywise The Dancing Clown, was definitely good ( star of movies such as Allegient, Anna Karenina) I have to say I much prefer the original Tim Curry version.

Worth Watching?

Horror fans in general may like this movie but true fans of the original 1990 version will be disappointed.  Wait for it to come out on DVD.

Loulou and Mo rate this movie 2 out of 5