Guardians of The Galaxy Vol 2 – Loulou and Mo gave you 9 out of 10!

With GOG Vol 2 released  yesterday, it was time for Loulou and Mo to head to the movies. As always my movie reviews are spoiler free so you can read this without worrying!

I should have guessed from the queues that were nearly out of the building that this new Marvel movie would be good.  Then if I needed more convincing,  I just needed to look at the viewers who were leaving from the previous showing –  the eclectic crowd of all ages were laughing, smiling and raving about the movie – I didnt quite realise the cult following this movie franchise has.

Marvel have an amazing knack of making it feel like you are watching a bunch of your old friends on the screen and the soundtrack somehow helps with this feeling of intimacy.  A feeling similar to slipping on your comfiest pair of shoes or and old jumper. 

The jokes, the sexual innuendos (parents beware) and cameo appearances from the likes of David Hasselhoff had the audience in stitches. 


Being the follow up movie, you would expect to see all your favourite characters from the likes of Starlord to Groot (prepare for cuteness overload!) but we think you will love that Marvel focus on of the smaller characters in more depth.  I just knew there was more to Yondu!

As for new characters, I was so excited to see Kurt Russel to debut as Ego and he played such a convincing character and I was going to say more but I did say no spoilers! 

Then how cute is Mantis, Ego’s empath companion.  I cant wait to see if anything blossoms romantically for her in the next movie – Marvel do say The Guardians of The Galaxy will return at the end! 

I’m not convinced with their choice of Sylvester Stallone as the head honcho of the Ravagers – sorry Sly, you were a bit wooden for me and it seemed they could have used a less famous actor for all that you were in it. 

Does Guardians of The Galaxy Vol 2 live up to the original?

To answer this question, YES,  Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2 certainly does live up to the first movie, infact I would say it surpasses it.  This DC Comics girl may have found her favourite Marvel movie and I will definitely be watching it again when its released to DVD.  What’s not to love…. an amazing soundtrack, brilliant cast, fighting and explosions and bucket loads of laughs – Loulou and Mo can’t recommend this movie enough!


Guardians Of The Galaxy fabrics

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