pitch perfect 3

Pitch Perfect 3 – “Practically Perfect Pitches!”


I was planning on taking Miss Mo for a spot of snorkelling today but the weather was a bit too choppy so we headed to the movies instead.

It was Mo’s movie choice today and although she had already seen Pitch Perfect 3, she insisted that I had to see it and despite me being dubious after not loving the second part to this movie trilogy, she was not wrong!





College is over and the Bellas’ are disillusioned with their lives and lack of careers so they decide to reunite one last time to entertain the troops in a USO camp.  Rather conveniently, there are other acts at the base and it turns out they will all be performing and competing for a place on DJ Khaled’s next tour. Will they beat their competition??

You can expect the usual musical comedy as with the other two movies, amazing performances, some very adult humour (thankfully over Miss Mo’s head!) and if you love the Bellas, you will not be disappointed.  I was practically dancing in my chair much to Mo’s embarrassment lol.


What to know more? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pitch_Perfect_3



All your favourite female cast members return to this movie and although you may miss Jessie and Bumper, there are some other great cast additions.


Anna Kendrick is definitely the star of the show but all the girls give a stellar performance especially Rebel Wilson, who never fails to entertain – is there anyone out there who doesn’t love this gorgeous woman??


Look out for Ruby Rose as a member of “Evermoist”, John Lithgow as Fat Amy’s dad and Guy Burnet as Theo (anyone remember him from Hollyoaks?)



ACCA DEFINITELY! – 4.5 out 5

“Catchy tunes, Hilariously funny and extremely cheesy – perfect movie for a girly night in!.  Really sad that this is the end of the Bellas L” – Alli

“One of the best movies I’ve ever seen!” – Miss Mo