American Assassin – Spoiler Free Review!

If you are a Bond or Bourne fan, you will love this movie

Last night I found myself at the cinema again with Miss Loulou as she was desperate to see the new Dylan O Brien movie.  As usual, I didn’t have any idea what this movie would be about (although the name kinda gives you a clue) and I have to say Loulou has a knack for picking awesome movies!

The Movie

A fast paced, action thriller based around the story of a black ops CIA recruit Mitch Rapp who is recruited to stop a nuclear attack in the Middle East.  This movie is based on the book American Assassin by Vince Flynn.

Think of this of a mix of James Bond and the Bourne trilogy and you will be heading along the right track.


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The Cast

The lead role in this movie, Mitch Rapp, is played by the hugely talented Dylan O’Brien and I have to say despite his small stature and young age, he played a pretty convincing assassin with some awesome moves.

Michael Keaton, probably best known as Batman or Birdman and who will star in the upcoming Spiderman-Homecoming movie, makes quite the impression as Hurley, the  US Navy Seal in charge of training the rookie Rapp.  Although he is definitely advancing in his years, he was very convincing in this role.

Of course, no action thriller would be complete without the token baddie and I spent the whole movie trying to place his face.  The baddie in this movie is no other than Taylor Kitsch who you may recognise from X-Men Origins and True Detective.

Worth Watching?

If you love action packed movies, a stellar cast, loads of explosions and lots of violent moments where you will be hiding behind your hands – then you will love this movie.  Why not treat your hubby or partner to a trip to the movies, they will definitely thank you for it!

Loulou and Mo rate this movie 4.5 out of 5