Have you ever wondered how Superheroes make their money? 

Rather than the usual new year blog post, I thought I would try something new – say hello to the first of my guest bloggers!   Sarah from Personal Income who has written a great article on how Superheroes make their money.






Who doesn’t know billionaire Bruce Wayne or the billionaire-playboy Tony Stark also known as Iron Man? Apart from being superheroes, two of the things that they have in common are being superheroes and also being loaded with plenty of cash. Money, still runs things even in the superhero world; and both Batman and Iron Man need plenty of money to buy gizmos, gadgets and awesome vehicles. Can you picture Bruce Wayne without his cool cars and brand-new contraptions? Probably not. If he didn’t have that fortune, he’d be like Superman who needed to have a day job at the Daily Planet.

Apart from Batman and Iron Man, Professor X of the Uncanny X-Men is also a superhero with a fortune in his name. He has a huge estate which he turned into Professor Xavier’s School for the Gifted. Unfortunately, his former best friend and ally, Eric, turned into Magneto, one of the wealthiest villains in the Marvel Universe. Instead of running the school together, Magneto and Professor X turned against each other and recruited mutants to work on either side. Their huge wealth also helps them to support their cause as well as their day-to-day expenses.

Speaking of villains, who can forget Superman’s arch nemesis, Lex Luthor. He is of course another billionaire who is very creative in developing ways to try to kill Superman. Lex uses his family’s wealth and influence to try to beat Superman ; even turning into a mad scientist at some point while trying to synthesize kryptonite as weapons to kill Superman.