About Loulou & Mo

Hi I’m Alli and I am the Designer, Creator and owner of Loulou & Mo.  When buying handmade products, I think its really important to know a little bit about the person behind the brand so here I am.

The Early Days

The Loulou and Mo story really begins in the small UK village of Petworth.  While I was bringing up our two small girls (Lexi and Morven aka Loulou & Mo) I had two wonderful friends who loved crafting as much as I did.  Despite me being the most unskilled member of the group (my felting attempts were laughable), we started to meet up regularly for an evening of craft and nibbles and this eventually led to an evening of learning how to sew.  That evening, my wonderful friends taught me how to thread a machine, cut fabric and that night I made my first drawstring bag.  From that day on I was hooked!  I soon realised that I had an expensive addiction to beautiful fabrics and this was only aided and abetted by securing a part time job at a local haberdashery.  About a year later, the whole family relocated to Perth, WA and I found myself at a completely loose end as both of our children had started school and my husband was working away.  So I got my trusty machine out and started to make a wide variety of things including some cute wee moon babies, baby blankets and a bag!.  One of these bags caught the eye of a few local mums and Loulou & Mo was born.

Our Happy Ending

Its been about 3 years since I got my machine out of the shipping box and I am truly blown away by how far we have come. I quickly realised that designing bags was my passion and there seemed a huge gap in the market for completely unique and quirky bags.  I am so happy to say that my customers seem to love my quirky style and  now I am able to run Loulou and Mo full time from my garden studio.  This year we have done so many exciting things and it doesn’t look like we will be running out steam any time soon!

2015 – what we achieved

The first step to expanding the business was this funky little website – big, big thanks to my amazing webmaster!

We attended our first Comic Conferences in Perth this year and have developed a huge cult following – I love my fans, they really the best.

Loulou & Mo Comic Bags are now being stocked by a Perth based comic and collectables store  –  I really recommend a visit to www.collectorzone.com.au – Chris and Sue will give you a warm welcome.


2016 – what have we got planned?

We are currently in talks with other venues in Perth to stock our range of fashion bags so this really is an exciting time.

I have decided to create seasonal ranges so I cant wait to get started on my Spring 2016 collection.