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Whatever industry you are in or job that you do, I am pretty sure we all have that one part of our job that we dont like or that we find the most challenging.

With my business, the thing that I dislike the most and put off at all opportunities is product photography!  While I will spend hours creating a beautifully handcrafted bag, the photo of the bag will be a rushed affair lacking passion and inspiration.


Old stock photo

I know this sounds crazy right! I run on an online store and need good product images to help sell my products and to promote our business across all social media outlets.  I tend to avoid things I that I am not good at (perfectionist tendencies lol) and I was just exasperated by this regular task.

I do feel that the universe often tries to point us in the right direction and last week while i was sitting browsing my Facebook account, I came across an advert for a Product Photography course run Eeny Empire ( and YES! it was based just 35 minutes from home and very affordable.

So yesterday afternoon, I found myself driving to the leafy and beautiful suburb of Guildford to spend an afternoon in the presence of the creative genius that is Tanya Collier and 12 other like minded creative types.  My  main aim of the afternoon was to find out how to take a good shot and how to use lighting when your house is quite dark and lacking in natural light.

Tanya provided so much useful information on the “Art of Awesome Product Shots” – everything from how to create a good product shot and the equipment you will need, to lighting and how to use the elements and principles of design in your product shots.

Look at these before and after shots – amazing what a bit of product styling, help supplied by the talented Kate from Pip’n’Pop ( and good lighting can do.





Normal room lighting and no styling

Normal room lighting and no styling



This image has been styled and used additional lighting  – what a difference

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